2020 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: June 2 (rescheduled) PA Primary Election

Be A Voter! Elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Vote Local. #VoteLocalPA

Note: You must be registered as a Democrat in PA as of May 18 to be eligible to vote in the June 2 Primary Election. (Unaffiliated and other third-party registrants in Upper Nazareth can vote only on the Library Tax Question at the Primary Election.) You can check your registration and polling place online, then update your registration if needed. Also, starting with this Primary Election, you have the option to vote by mail! We recommend doing so and applying for yours as soon as possible to so you can make sure your completed ballot is received back by the county before 8 PM the day of the election.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, counties have authority to move and combine polling places until May 13. We will try to update all relevant changes as we learn of them, but we would advise you can always check the current information provided by the state (especially after May 18, by which any changes must be announced) or (ideally) instead apply to vote by mail before May 26. Additionally, we know of several polling places that were definitely already changing in 2020 and wish to summarize all changes since the last presidential election:

  • 2020 Primary moving: Bethlehem 3, Bethlehem 9-1, Hanover 1, Palmer Western 2, Upper Nazareth Western (temporarily to different building), Washington Lower, Wind Gap (may be more)
  • 2019: moved: Upper Mt. Bethel North Bangor, Upper Nazareth Eastern
  • 2018: moved: Bethlehem 9-2, Bethlehem 9-3, Bethlehem 16 & 17, Palmer Middle 1, Palmer Middle 2; moved temp: Forks Eastern 2
  • 2017: Bethlehem Township (districts and polling places reconfigured, changed for most); moved: Lehigh Pennsville, Moore Eastern, Upper Mt. Bethel North Bangor; moved temp: Palmer Upper Eastern

Primary ballot order is determined by random drawing that took place on February 26. Several candidates who had filed then withdrew from the ballot after ending their campaigns.

Offices to be elected in 2020

Pennsylvania statewide election

President of the United States

League of Women Voters VOTE411 Voter Guide submissions

  • Bernie Sanders [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG] (suspended campaign April 8; has endorsed Biden for November; will continue to collect delegates for influence of party platform)
  • Joseph R. Biden [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]
  • Tulsi Gabbard [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG] (suspended campaign March 19; endorsed Biden; after deadline to withdraw from ballot)

Attorney General

  • Josh Shapiro (Montgomery County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]

Auditor General

PCN Election 2020 videos
League of Women Voters VOTE411 Voter Guide submissions

  • H. Scott Conklin (Centre County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]
  • Michael Lamb (Allegheny County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw]
  • Tracie Fountain (Dauphin County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]
  • Rose “Rosie” Marie Davis (Monroe County) [WWW] [FB]
  • Nina Ahmad (Philadelphia County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]
  • Christina Hartman (Lancaster County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]

State Treasurer

  • Joe Torsella (Montgomery County) [WWW] [FB] [Tw]

District elections

Representative in U.S. Congress

7th Congressional District – all of Northampton County (since 2018 election)

  • Susan Wild [WWW] [FB] [Tw]

Representative in the PA General Assembly

Check your registration status (as of the deadline to register for the next election) to see which State House (legislative) district you vote for. You can also find your municipality in alphabetical order from the bottom of this page to determine your House District, presuming you are registered within the given municipality.

131st PA House District

(western/southern Lower Saucon districts 1, 2, 4, 7, 8; parts of Lehigh County and Montgomery County)

  • Kevin Branco [WWW] [FB] [IG]

135th PA House District

(Bethlehem; southwestern Bethlehem Twp Ward 2 and Districts 3-1, 3-2, 3-3)

  • Steve Samuelson [WWW] [FB] [Tw] (all official)

136th PA House District

(Easton; Freemansburg; Glendon; Hellertown; eastern Lower Saucon districts 3, 5, 6; southern Palmer districts E, M-2, W-1, W-2; West Easton; Williams; Wilson)

137th PA House District

(Bangor; East Bangor; Forks; Lower Mt. Bethel; Nazareth; northern Palmer districts M-1, U-E, U-W; Portland; Roseto; Stockertown; Tatamy; Upper Mt. Bethel; Upper Nazareth; Washington)

  • Katelind Brennan

138th PA House District

(Bath; northern/eastern Bethlehem Twp Wards 1, 4, and Districts 3-4, 3-5; Bushkill; Chapman; East Allen; Hanover; Lower Nazareth; eastern Moore districts Eastern and Point Phillips; Pen Argyl; Plainfield; Wind Gap)

  • Tara Zrinski [WWW] [FB] [Tw] [IG]

183rd PA House District

(Allen; Lehigh; western Moore districts Beersville and Klecknersville; North Catasauqua; Northampton; Walnutport; parts of Lehigh County)

  • Jason Ruff [WWW] [FB] [Tw]

Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

(only on primary ballot)
Vote for up to 7
NEW! Delegate questionnaire responses, posted below!
(Note: Votes for presidential candidates determine how many delegates committed to each such presidential candidate will go to the convention, as a proportion of the 7 delegates allocated to the 7th Congressional District. Voting for delegates chooses which of them will actually be selected for each such candidate, but has no influence on how many delegates that candidate wins. Essentially, you are choosing which males and which females will get to represent each presidential candidate who wins CD 7 delegates to the convention. Therefore, voting for all delegates committed to one presidential candidate results in having no impact on which delegates will be elected.)

4 male + 3 female delegates will be elected from PA’s CD 7
male delegate candidates committed to Biden: Levinson, Wilkins
female delegate candidates committed to Biden: Dee, Eklund, McNeill
male delegate candidates committed to Sanders: A. Downing, Atkinson, Ray, Randazzo
female delegate candidates committed to Sanders: Farmand, M. Downing, Abdelaal

Alt. Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

(only on primary ballot)
(The alternate for whichever presidential candidate receives the highest primary turnout in our 7th Congressional District will win the spot.)

  • Leslie M. Altieri [Biden]
  • Dianne Justesen [Sanders]

Delegate questionnaire responses (in ballot order, as randomly drawn)
Northampton County Democratic Committee assembled this questionnaire for the benefit of voters and the delegate candidates in the 7th Congressional District, and we ask that you link here rather than reproduce these anywhere else. Thank you.
Question 1 (Bio): (50 words max) Who are you, and what is your experience and background?
Question 2 (Reasons): (75 words max) Why are you running for delegate, and why should Dems vote for you?

Celeste Dee [Biden] (f)
A1: A dedicated Democrat who has never been afraid to speak out for our shared values. I am passionate about putting good people in office and help anyone who ever needs it. An Army Brat, a sense of service to Country was instilled in me at a young age.
A2: 13+ years Campaign and Democratic Party experience. I know how to whip votes within the party and lobby other members regarding important issues. This is a critical skill for a Delegate. I have been a Biden supporter from the beginning. I promise I will represent our community with knowledge and dignity & be a strong voice for our district at the DNC Convention. Our very way of life is at stake. We must win in 2020.
Roxanne Eklund [Biden] (f)
A1: I grew up in a rural midwest community, which originally was strong Democrats. I have always followed my Democratic roots, elected as a PCP, my husband and I train VoteBuilder for Lehigh County, we are founders of the ULDC and ran a Presidential staging location.
A2: I want Democrats to win this Fall! We need stability and dignity at the top and throughout our administration. We need solid, intelligent decisions for our country and I will be a delegate that insists and communicates these ideals. It will take integrity and unity from all of us.
Anthony Downing [Sanders] (m)
A1: My name is Anthony, I am from Bethlehem PA. I am a Union Organizer for the largest Healthcare Union in PA. I am elected to Co-Chair of Lehigh Valley Democratic Socialists of America as well as elected to the National Democratic Socialist Labor Commission Steering Committee.
A2: I believe Healthcare is a human right, I will work for a platform including Medicare for All, for a Green New Deal to address Climate change, for racial justice, for lgbtq rights, immigrant rights, a fair wage, for criminal justice reform, fight against income inequality, and for election finance reform. I will work tirelessly to make sure we integrate these ideals into the Dem platform.
Elaheh Farmand [Sanders] (f)
A1: I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley for just over a year after eight years in NYC. I am the founder of an artistic series where storytellers and other artists unite and share their experiences of immigration and exile. I am a member of Make the Road PA in Allentown.
A2: I believe in social, economic, and environmental justice. Healthcare is a human right for all. All immigrants are humans, and deserve the same rights as any other citizen regardless of their paperwork. Everyone should have access to free education, instead of being trapped under catastrophic student loan debt. We need to unite and organize to change the current system. Our current democracy under capitalism is destructive, not just to us but to our planet.
Aidan Levinson [Biden] (m)
A1: I am a local Democratic political consultant and current student at American University. Since a young age I was interested in politics and technology, and these past few years since 2016 I have been devoted to our party and its work to a fault.
A2: I have been committed to Vice President Biden’s campaign since day one, and would be honored to represent him and the Democrats of PA-7 on the convention floor. I have given much of my time to making sure we flip the White House, the Senate, and hold the House this year, and I see this opportunity as the next step in my effort to do just that.
Michele Downing [Sanders] (f)
A1: A mother of 2, grandmother of 2,Licensed Social Worker & RN; I’m a Lehigh Valley Resident since 2008. I’ve actively worked with politically Bernie 2016, Bernie 2020, Jim Moreno For DA, Greg Edwards for Congress, Make The Road & Pennsylvania Womens March.
A2: I’m running for delegate to help shape the political face & voice of the party. I believe that Healthcare is a human right, Workers rights are humans rights, Immigrant rights are human rights, Women’s rights are human rights, housing is a human right & a planet that is habitable for our children & grandchildren is our moral imperative. We have an obligation to stand up for the rights of working families and serve as role models.
Leo Atkinson [Sanders] (m)
A1: I am a long-time Lehigh Valley resident and President of Fountain Hill Borough Council. I am a proud graduate of Liberty H.S., Kutztown University and Lehigh University, and I have experience working for small businesses in the Lehigh Valley. Currently, I work in operations in the financial services industry.
A2: As Democrats we believe in healthcare as a human right, strong unions & protections for working people, immigrant & LGBTQ rights, an end to interventionist foreign policy, affordable housing, college for all, a solution to the climate crisis, and the policies we need to confront the current pandemic. At the convention I will make sure all of these issues will be front and center in our party’s platform and here campaigning in the Lehigh Valley through November.
Jeanne M. McNeill [Biden] (f)
A1: State Representative. Lived and worked in Lehigh County for 30 years. Previously, I worked in Special Education. I have always been a community helper and advocate. My late husband (Danny) and I have been involved in politics for most of our married life, helping good candidates get elected.
A2: I have always been a huge fan and supporter of VP Joe Biden. I am running for delegate because I believe wholeheartedly in who he is and what he plans to do when he becomes our next President. I am asking for your vote as a Biden delegate. I will do all I can to help make sure he gets the nomination and then wins in November.
Richard Wilkins [Biden] (m)
A1: I am a 37 year old resident of Palmer Township, in Northampton County, and a current Township Auditor. I have been involved at the local and national level of politics for 18 years. I am the delegate captain in PA-7 and a member of the Biden for President staff in the Mid-Atlantic and PA.
A2: Around Thanksgiving I made the decision to support Vice-President Biden and joined his team as the Nebraska Out-of-State Organizing Director. I was then selected to run for delegate on his slate. I am fully committed to putting my best efforts into electing him as the 46th President of the United States. I currently do digital organizing work for him in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Maryland.
Raya Abdelaal [Sanders] (f)
A1: I reside in the Lehigh Valley, I have been here since 2008. I am of arab ethnicity, and identify as Palestinian. I graduated from Temple in 2016 with a BA in Journalism. I now work as an operations manager at Make The Road PA, and work at a media company, Steel Pixel, on the side.
A2: I am running to be a delegate to give a voice to our community! I think it’s important for the Lehigh Valley to be represented at the DNC. We have such a diverse community and I interact with so many people with diverse backgrounds and they all have different needs that should be highlighted and voiced in the upcoming election.
Omar Ray [Sanders] (m)/dt>

A1: At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I volunteered as a driver. I continued as a fellow with the Hillary for America campaign in 2016. I volunteered for Greg Edwards for Congress in 2018, Mark Pinsley for Lehigh County Controller in 2019 and a Make the Road volunteer now.
A2: I registered as a Democrat not because of any one individual, but because of the current values of the party. This party stands for access to debt-free healthcare and education, support for a living wage and unions, environmental protection and protecting the rights of all who reside within America’s borders and beyond. Voting for me is voting for someone who wants to fight for those values, and hold a candidate to doing the same.
Chris Randazzo [Sanders] (m)
A1: My Name is Christopher Randazzo. I’m a husband, a father of two. I live in the Lehigh Valley for 16 years. I’ve been working in the elevator industry for over 30 years in NYC. My passions are politics and hockey.
A2: Why I’m running for Delegate: I’m excited to be a Delegate for Bernie Sanders. I believe in his policies and his message , not me us. His policies reflect that message. Heath care being a human right , woman’s rights , income equality , and College for all. That’s just some of the issues I feel would help the average American and just not the well connected.

Non-Partisan ballot questions

(separate from main ballot – usually along the right side)

Upper Nazareth Township (only appears on township ballots): Library Tax Question

Our short summary: Should Upper Nazareth have a dedicated funding stream (from real estate property taxes) to keep the Nazareth library fully operating?

Shall Upper Nazareth Township establish a Special Library Tax to provide for the operation and maintenance of a local library at the rate of 0.6 mills on the dollar of assessed value of all taxable real estate within Upper Nazareth Township?

“YES” vote means the Upper Nazareth Township Board of Supervisors will increase the real estate property tax rate of Upper Nazareth Township by 0.6 mills to provide funding for the operation and maintenance of a local library.

“NO” vote means the Board of Supervisors of Upper Nazareth Township will not increase the real estate property tax rate of Upper Nazareth Township to provide funding for a local library.

Check which PA House District you’re in (by municipality)


Townships and Boroughs

City of Bethlehem

(PA House District 135)

City of Easton

(PA House District 136)


(PA House District 183)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 138)

Bethlehem Township

Ward 1 (Districts 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4), Ward 4 (Districts 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4), Districts 3-4, 3-5 (northern/eastern): PA House District 138
Ward 2 (Districts 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4), Districts 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 (southwestern): PA House District 135


(PA House District 138)


(PA House District 138)

East Allen

(PA House District 138)

East Bangor

(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 136)


(PA House District 136)


(PA House District 138)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 183)

Lower Mt. Bethel

(PA House District 137)

Lower Nazareth

(PA House District 138)

Lower Saucon

Districts 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 (western/southern): PA House District 131
Districts 3, 5, 6 (eastern): PA House District 136


Districts Beersville, Klecknersville (western): PA House District 183
Districts Eastern, Point Phillips (eastern): PA House District 138


(PA House District 137)

North Catasauqua

(PA House District 183)


(PA House District 183)


Districts Eastern, Middle 2, Western 1, Western 2 (southern): PA House District 136
Districts Middle 1, Upper Eastern, Upper Western (northern): PA House District 137

Pen Argyl

(PA House District 138)


(PA House District 138)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 137)

Upper Mt. Bethel

(PA House District 137)

Upper Nazareth

See also: Non Partisan ballot referendum: Library Tax Question (Upper Nazareth only)
(PA House District 137)


(PA House District 183)


(PA House District 137)

West Easton

(PA House District 136)


(PA House District 136)


(PA House District 136)

Wind Gap

(PA House District 138)