Voting in Northampton County

Next Election
2017 Municipal General Election: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Polls Open 7 AM – 8 PM (in Pennsylvania) – location depends where you live (and are registered)
Northampton County Office of Elections and Voter Registration
(610) 829-6260
670 Wolf Ave
Easton, PA 18042
(across from County Courthouse/Government Center)

Important dates for next election

Register to vote: by October 10, 2017
Apply for an absentee ballot: application must be received by October 31, 2017
Return the voted absentee ballot: completed ballot must be received by November 3, 2017
Vote on Election Day: November 7, 2017: polls open 7 AM – 8 PM in PA

Register to vote

Deadline to vote in next election: Submit completed application by October 10, 2017 (5 PM in person; 11:59 PM online; postmarked that date by mail)

You must be registered to vote at least 30 days in advance of the election. To vote in a party’s primary election in Pennsylvania, you must be registered in that party 30 days in advance (the registration deadline): closed primary system.

In 2015, Governor Tom Wolf’s administration started online voter registration in Pennsylvania, and that is now the easiest way to register to vote for the first time or to update your registration (change address within Pennsylvania, change party, change name):

You should submit an application (online or on the paper form) to vote in Pennsylvania when:

  • You turn 18, becoming eligible to vote (or will turn 18 by the next election)
  • You become a naturalized citizen
  • You move to Pennsylvania from another state (a new registration in most cases)
  • You move from one address to a different address within Pennsylvania (change of address)
  • You decide to change party affiliation, especially at least 30 days before a primary election (change of party)
  • Your legal name changes or needs to be corrected (change of name)
  • You haven’t voted in several years or responded to inquiries to maintain your registration
  • You’re a Pennsylvania college student who decides to register at the college residence address

Have any questions about registering to vote in Pennsylvania? We’re glad to help! Just contact us.

Check your registration status and polling place

Pennsylvania Department of State: Check your Registration Status (find your record, including party affiliation and polling place)

Pennsylvania Department of State: Find a Polling Place (finds the polling place for an address, but only valid if registered to vote there!)

Request an absentee ballot if you may be unable to vote in person

In Pennsylvania, voters who are unable (or expect they may be unable) to go to their polling place to vote in person on Election Day can apply for an absentee ballot from their county’s voter registration office. There are a number of valid reasons why voters may request an absentee ballot instead of voting at the polls:

  • voter has illness, health condition, or other disability impeding the ability to vote (including limited mobility due to age)
  • voter may be out of town for other business, whether professional or personal
  • voter may have to work a long shift, making it difficult or impossible to vote while polls are open
  • voter is a college student who will be at school on Election Day (away from home where registered)
  • voter sometimes spends some or all of voting hours commuting and working at job outside home municipality
  • voter may be serving in the military overseas (separate military absentee ballot process)

If any of the above may prevent you from voting, then you qualify and should apply for an absentee ballot!

Absentee Ballot Application (PDF) – must be printed, filled out, signed, then mailed or hand delivered to county election office

Your absentee ballot will be mailed to the address provided on the form, starting about 6 weeks before Election Day, until the deadline for applications to be received one week before Election Day. Once received, the absentee ballot should be completed using the enclosed instructions and then mailed back or hand-delivered in both sets of included envelopes as instructed, in time to be received by the county election office the Friday before Election Day. Please note that only the absentee voter can return an absentee ballot envelope in person unless a special form is signed to designate someone else to deliver the completed and sealed ballot.

It is also usually possible to get the absentee ballot and fill it out in person right at the Election Office during the period they are available, though the voter may have to wait some period of time depending on availability of office staff to process the application and bring the correct ballot.

Plan and prepare to vote at your polling place on Election Day if you are able

Make sure you vote, by making a plan and preparing in advance to vote on Election Day!

  • Put Election Day on your calendar(s) (electronic included) so you’ll have a reminder.
  • Decide when on Election Day is the best time to vote: morning, lunch time, or afternoon/evening? Schedule it!
  • If you might not have time that day, submit an absentee ballot application to make sure you don’t miss your chance!
  • Research the candidates ahead of time so you know how to vote: we have information on all Democrats running here!
  • Verify your registration and check your polling place ahead of time, especially if you aren’t sure where to go.
  • Make sure you understand the process of voting on Northampton County’s voting machines.
  • Bring a friend (or several) with you to the polls, to make sure they don’t miss out!