Get Involved

  • Contact your elected Officials
  • Come to a Democratic Event
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Let the public know that we support the Democratic Party and our Elected Officials.
  • Volunteer

Get involved with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Become a Committeeperson in your WARD/PRECINCT. If we are to support good government, get involved!

• What are the roles and responsibilities of a Committee person?

Two committee persons, one male and one female, are elected in each division/precinct for four-year terms in the Primary Election the year the Governor is elected. After election results have been certified, there is a re-organization to elect a City/County Chair and other efforts.
The committee person informs voters in their division/precinct.

Committee People:
1. Recommend candidates to voters by an issue education process.
2. Help voters to reach a comfort zone on the entire voting process.
3. Encourage and increase voter turnout by phone banking and literature drops.
4. Register new voters, particularly the young and carry out absentee ballot programs for seniors and the disabled
5. Provide information on current political issues e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Jobs, Education, Student Loans, etc
6. Help raise funds for the Democratic Party.
The committee person is an extension of the party and its candidates and is the most important and most direct line between all voters and the party organization.
When divisions/precincts are organized, the vote is maximized and candidates have a better opportunity to win elections. Elections are won or lost in local areas. There is no stronger persuasive voice than the voice of an active neighbor.